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We provide really good ear plugs.

Designed and manufactured by EarPeace (USA).

Comparison of Earplugs

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Aside from personally reviewing the different available products, Wear Less Noise consulted audiologists, musicians, music industry workers, event managers and business strategists before deciding that EarPeace’s product is most effective and viable to distribute in Australia.


  • Proper hearing protection (SNR: 20, NRR: 14, different filter options)
  • Preserved sound quality (High quality attenuating filter)
  • Comfort (ergonomic design with hypoallergenic silicon cushioning)
  • Affordability (well priced in comparison to other high-fidelity earplugs)
  • Appearance (discrete look, does not protrude out of ears
  • Practicality (robust carry case + carabiner clip)

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